Megabass X-Plose SS

Megabass X-Plose SS

Originally designed by Yuki Ito for his own personal use, the Megabass X-Plose is full of intricate detailing and innovative features. Incredibly lethal when used for the Japanese technique of “spybaiting,” it's built with a patented flat balancer system that facilitates mile-long casts and a tight, flashing shimmy on the drop. The result of extensive research, the props on the front and back of Megabas X-Plose also provide a dynamic vibration and flash even at the slowest retrieve speeds. Additionally, the Megabass X-Plose also has gear-shaped teeth along the inside of the prop that create a finely-tuned pitch that calls fish in as the blades spin. Available in a number of hand-painted colors, the Megabass X-Plose is just what you need to blow fish and competition out of the water.

Megabass  Length Weight Type
 X-Plose 4" 5/8oz Sinking 

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4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: megabass has some good items, but this is not one of them. Back prop doesn't spin, no action, and catch rate is very low compared to other spinbaits.

From: John: Greenville, SC 10/17/14

Comments: Megabass makes some fine baits, but this is not one of them. Very little action, stays very close to the top due to the oversized props, and back prop won't spin

From: John: Greenville, SC 10/14/14

Comments: I purchased the Megabass and Duo Realis  Spybaits to try Spybaiting. The Duo Realis  Spinbait 90 is a nice Bait and I'm happy with it. The Megabass is aweful and cost a lot more. No shimmy, nose dives on the fall , and takes forever to sink. If I buy more spybaits I will not buy the Megabass. Lots of fish on the Spinbait 90, none on the Megabass.

From: Tom: Lac Du Flambeau, WI 8/28/14

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