Built with the quality that Megabass is known for, the Megabass XS Limber Lamber delivers a graceful S-shaped action and a strong kick-turn that big bass love. Constructed entirely by hand, the Megabass XS Limber Lamber features a soft plastic tail, razor-sharp treble hooks, and a durable jointed connection that is capable of handling abuse from the largest fish. Measuring in at 6-1/4-inches in length, the Megabass XS Limber Lamber possesses an unmatched anatomical correctness, including intricate scaling, etched gill plates, and 3D eyes. A must-have for any serious swimbait enthusiast, the Megabass XS Limber Lamber is exactly what you would expect from a swimbait made by Megabass. 

Megabass Length Weight Class
XS Limber Lamber 6-1/4" 1-1/2oz Slow-Sinking

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great glide bait, have had mine for months now (ordered mine from jdm site). It had proved itself well.has great action,I've been getting most hits when I just kill it and let it go bottom then twitch n kill and they hammer it. Nothing huge on it yet few 5lb'ers  but I also don't throw it alot. Worth the price though...common it's megabass,what else could u ask for???

From: Steveo

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