The Original Evolution Jig from Megastrike is Lead Free and offers the first real innovative jig design to come along in over forty years. The Advanced Skirt Forward Technology, along with a virtually invisible fluorocarbon weed guard, makes the Megastrike Orginal Evolution Jig the jig of choice. Evolution is the only jig to also have a patent pending flaring disk and skid plate. These qualities allow the Evolution jig to respond to every movement of the rod tip, continuing to keep the Original Evolution Jig in an upright crawfish defense stature.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: By far my best producing flipping jig in hvy Grass! Maybe bass in NH are babys, but this thing catches some pigs around here.

From: Mark: MI

Comments: I bought this jig at a show a couple of years ago, and I don't like it. It's an interesting set of ideas--invisible weed guard and a different kind of stand-up head--but it's incredibly bulky. I didn't understand enough about jigs at the time, but now I see that simplicty goes a long way with them. This jig is just too fancy and complicated.

From: David: NH

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