Mike Shaw X2 Double Jointed Slammer

Mike Shaw X2 Double Jointed Slammer

The Slammer has become legendary among trophy bass anglers because of it's fish catching ability, durability, and handmade quality. The Slammer has been developed and tested for years by Mike Shaw, the maker, and other knowledgeable anglers and the bait has been perfected in it's present shape. The bill angle and size, hook placement, joint construction, and every other detail that makes the difference between a great bait or a mediocre one has been looked at and worked on until each item operates to maximum effectiveness. As a further refinement, Mike has developed a double-jointed Slammer, the XX. This bait offers anglers more movement than the single joint Slammer, more fish-attracting clacking noise, and an even more realistic swimming action.

The Double X Slammer is sure to catch big bass and other aggressive game fish all over the world will be landed with this handcrafted wooden bait. In fact, the Slammer holds lake records on numerous gamefish species all over North America and is very effective on largemouth bass, musky and pike, stripers, lake trout, and other big predators. Double your fishing fun with the Double X Slammer!

Mike Shaw's Length Weight Class
XX Double Joint 7in. 7in 1.8oz Floating
XX Double Joint 9in. 9in 2.8oz Floating
XX Double Joint 12in. 12in 4.8oz Floating

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 All Slammers are handmade and painted. Color schemes may vary slightly.

Tackle Tour Editors Choice Award

3 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Agree with the previous comment about the ST41s. The stock VMCs are super thin wire that will bend easily on the type of fish you'll be targeting with this lure. Also, the newer models feature a split ring instead of the snap (or nothing). Mike Shaw recommends 20-25lb fluorocarbon; I like 20lb mono, the extra stretch is nice.

From: Sam: Mansfield, MA

Comments: I started fishing these baits this year and I LOVE EM! I currently own 5 and use every one of them. I've caught some big bass on em and would recommend everybody owning at least one. Just an FYI change out the hooks with Owner ST-41's. They are a much better hook and have a better hook up ratio than the stock VMC's.

From: Ski: Haverhill, MA

Comments:Great bait, this bait has great swimming motion, good for stripers as well as giant largemouth. I use the black version for night fishing and the dark trout for my daytime fishing with great success. These baits are built to last, well worth the money.

From:Brian: Santa Maria, CA

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