Mike Shaw's Slammer Handcrafted Swimbait

Mike Shaw's Slammer Handcrafted Swimbait

Mike Shaw's Slammer Handcrafted Swimbait is one of the most versatile big fish baits we've ever tried. The Slammer is hand-made out of high quality cedar wood by striper expert Mike Shaw in his facility in Atascadero, California. This lure has undergone years of on the water testing, with refinements and adjustments added to create a real fish catching wooden bait. There are several ways to fish this bait. The round cross-section lends itself well to floating on the top of the water. Cranking the Slammer slowly enough to create a wake on the surface, but fast enough to make the bait swim, can be deadly in the early morning or late evening when there is a calm surface. Walking the Slammer in this fashion can get some explosive topwater strikes and will allow you to fish it in shallow areas or over submerged grass and brush without fouling the hooks. Cranking the Slammer a little faster will submerge it and swim it one to three feet underwater. This method is effective when the fish are not on a heavy topwater bite and when the wind has chopped up the surface. For striper action, Mike likes to troll his bait on a downrigger or lead core line, and this bait is deadly for huge lake trout when fished the same way. The Slammer is responsible for catching enormous specimens of just about every freshwater game fish and some saltwater game fish in North America.

The seven and nine-inch baits can probably be thrown on a heavy rod, but the twelve-inch bait is pretty big and may require a heavier rod. All sizes of the Slammer catch fish, so don't hesitate to try the big lures, too. You may want to check out our selection of rods designed to throw the big wood.

Mike Shaw's Length Weight Class
Slammer (7") 7" 1.8oz Wake Bait/Shallow Crank
Slammer (9") 9" 2.4oz Wake Bait/Shallow Crank
Slammer (12") 12" 3.2oz Wake Bait/Shallow Crank

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All Slammers are handmade and painted. Color schemes may vary.

Tackle Tour Editors Choice Award

11 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: One of the best topwater swimbaits of ALL TIME! Just bagged my personal best swimbait fish waking the 9" over a defined weedline edge. Fish was a HANGRY 5.7 northern strain largemouth. My only gripe with this bait is the stock hooks and it'd be nice to have a spare tail. Overall it's a must have swimbait for anyone looking into throwing big baits for big bites

From: Jordan: RI 9/22/15

Comments: Loud, old school & durable. More importantly it gets hammered. I was surprised to catch so many 1-2lbers on the 9". Slammers are some of the most productive baits in my arsenal.

From: Francis: Seattle, WA 7/16/15

Comments: This swimbait is so universal you can slow row it, crank it, jerk it, walk it, and catch flat out catch fish with it.

From: KVangD: Fresno, CA 1/12/15

Comments: By far my favorite swimbait! Can slow wake it on top, crank it down a few feet, do a stationary walk, or even dead stick this bait and get bit. Very versatile and doesn't break the bank. So far have pulled numerous 4-7lbers on the 7inch version. The bait is fully broken in and has hook rash, yet still catches fish with no problem. Get one asap!

From: AS: San Diego, CA 11/10/14

Comments: i got the slammer a couple weeks ago .ive caught 5 fish on it and missed a few. 2 3pounders, 2 just a little over 4 pounds and my personal best 9.5 pounder!agin im in s.c fishing dark stained water .this bait is great!

From: Scott: Little River, SC 10/2/14

Comments: Got my personal best today on the 9in baby bass in dark looking swamp water that has no trout! I'm officially a big swimbait fisherman, love this lure it works here in S.C. Great! It's heavy so you better have a rig that can handle it. This is the best thing since sliced loaf bread!

From: Scott: Little River, SC 10/1/14

Comments: This is absolutely my new favorite summer time swimbait. I've been catching bass from 1 1/2 lb to the 8 pounder I dumped at the boat (I panicked and gave her a little time to jump) 2 days ago on the 9'' Slammer. They explode on it like a frog a lot of the time but you can draw up the biggest fish around where a frog might not accomplish this around docks and submerged trees. This lure is money well spent!! If you want my opinion the Dobyns 806 swimbait rod and this lure are meant to be.

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA.

Comments: Great bait! My biggest fish this year was caught on a 7" bass colored MS Slammer. It was also my biggest swimbait fish and the 3rd biggest bass I ever caught.

From: Marco: Portugal

Comments: great bait!!! i fished a very pressured lake and pulled two fish, 3 and a 5lb plus four other followers. fishing it like a squarebill in rocky cliffs is deadly!

From: Jake: Orange County, CA

Comments: I have fished the 7 inch for a summer now and can say that it's one of my favorite smallmouth baits. Don't be afraid to throw it, its not too big. I like 20 lb mono on a rod similar to a big crank rod. If in heavy cover size one gammie 2x are the way to go otherwise I fish VMC 9649BZ size one same as a BB rig. Great bait.

From: Nathan: Saginaw, MI

Comments: Good bait. Caught a 5 lbr first time out throwing it on a highy pressured swimbait lake. I bought the 7" and wish i got the 9". very manageble to cast all day long.  i throw on a 7'6" heavy rod with 20 lb big game with no issues.

From: Miles: AZ

Comments: This lure rocks has awesome swimming action, nailed 4.5lb on 9th cast totally satisfy.

From: Fishkiller01: NYC, NY

Comments: You will feel like a rock star throwing this bait for all the attention it gets from bystanders.  Great big bass bait in northern New England, since pickeral, which are common here, rarely hit this bait.  It is also very cool that each bait has Mike Shaw's initials and date for a personal touch.

From: bigpoppabass: Nashua, NH

Comments: wholy mackeral lol man my friend has this swim bait and we were fishing a little pond they never hit top water well he took this swim bait out and i thought he was carzy it was big he missed so many bass he got lots of followers and caught a 2 lb on the 7 inch man i mean they really love this swim bait i nead to get one the bass color kills

From: Brian: Costamesa

Comments: Been fishing Slammers for 7 years now, and can say that they are one of the most versatile Big Baits that get bit. Crank it down. Wake it. Twitch it. Rip/pause through Slop. It is a deadly producer. I recommend replacing stock hooks with Owner ST 36 For The Win.

From: Scott: Halifax, MA

Comments: i really like this bait for night fishing, i just add some strips of glow tape to mine for some added bling. This thing is a producer for night bass.its built tough and calls in the the midnight hogs. well worth the money.

From: Sam: Orland Park, IL

Comments:Best big bass bait for shallower cover, just killer, and super versatile!!

From:JG: USA

Comments: This bait is one of the hottest top water baits available...deadly at night due to the noise and wake it puts off

From: David, Huntington Beach, CA, 11/04

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