Designed to enter mats and other thick vegetation quietly and come back clean, the Miller Punching Weight features a unique brass construction, setting it apart from other punching weights on the market. Only requiring a normal pitch as opposed to a 30 ft high lob, the Miller Punching Weight creates a quiet vibration on the mat then a silent entry - just like a natural creature coming back down from the surface.

As your punching rig is resting on top of the mat, the pointed-tip of the Miller Punching Weight extends at an angle from the bait and naturally wants to sink to the lowest possible point. With a slight shake or two of the rod, as soon as the pointed-tip of the weight finds a hole in the mat, it sucks the entire rig through the opening.

On the way out of cover, the Miller Punching Weight's unique design also deflects snags from vegetation and loose debris better than a traditional punching weight. An innovative take on a proven technique, the Miller Punching Weights provide a more natural presentation and also increases your fishing efficiency - allowing you get in-and-out with ease and punch more mats.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is the best punch weight. It may look weird, but it works. It goes through mats almost every time, unlike the traditional bullet style tungsten which may go through 50% of the time or less.  However, just like previous posters, if it was a tungsten with this design, it would be even better. This thing also comes out mats clean. 

From: James: Sacramento

Comments: Best punch weight. Period. I love that you can easily adjust how much room there is between the bait and the weight. Sometimes I keep it tight, sometimes I give it a couple of inches of play so the bait moves in a more subtle way.

From: David: Austin, Republic of TX

Comments: please come out with a tungsten version! it would be 10x better than it already is.

Comments: I like these things.  Punch rig eases in, and collects way less slop on the retrieve.  Quality powder coat, great machined quality.  Also make a snag resistant c-rig. 

From: Brian: Los Gatos, CA

Comments: Love these. They go down through hydrilla with no problem and come back up just as easy. And, since it is basically a c-rig, the 1/2" or so of line gives the bait room to move much more naturally under the weeds than it would with a bullet weight jammed up against it or with a jig head.

From: David: Austin, TX

Comments:Very awesome weight! Goes through thick mats way better than tungsten. I can get threw 6 times with the miller weight to once with tungsten. Money well spent...

From:Hobbs: Auburn, CA

Comments:This weight significantly increases your ability to get your bait exactly where you want it, quickly. It is the most efficient system for busting through four inch thick pennywort. C-rigged, it pulls through outer edge grass better than standard bullet weights and doesn't roll into rock cracks like tungsten cylinders.


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