The Minda Lures Spear Craw was created to imitate the actual swimming action of a crawfish - as opposed to the generic up-and-down action of most other soft plastic craws. The underside of the bait is concaved to trap more water and elongate the swimming motion. This also help the claws move more naturally in water as it scoots along the bottom. An air pocket behind the eyes also helps the bait rise in a defensive position on the pause, and scent or a rattle can be added for additional fish attraction, as well as, a small piece of foam for added flotation. Available in multiple colors, the Minda Lures Spear Craw delivers a superb lifelike action fish can't resist.

Length Quantity
5" 6

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Theses craws have some great action and on a drop shot they seem to be irresistable when nothing else seems to work. 

From: Ace45102: Cincinnati, OH

Comments:  When I first tried these craws I was skeptical, but after using them, I fell in love with them, they will outlast any plastics you have, but they are still soft and have a great action.  If you looking for a big bait to entice those Hawgs these are the ticket.  You can flip it or use it for a jig trailer, so many ways to use this bait, and it will catch fish.

From: Mark: Thomasville, AL

Comments: I absolutely love the Minda Spear Craw. It is hands down my favorite craw. They are very durable, and look amazing. I love how well they come through cover, and weeds. They work well for pitching, Carolina rigging, Texas rigging, and football shaky head as well. Money well spent.

From: Brandon: Fort Wayne, IN

Comments: These are phenomal craw baits! We used these on TheBassholes.com in our Bait Bash event and the number of fish these baits caught, all across the country, was amazing.  Check the Bait Bash board on TheBassholes.com message boards to see how many fish these baits produced.

From: Jared: Darlington, SC

Comments: These craw are by far the best craws that i have used. The plastic is so durable and soft. I can use these craw in many different ways such as a trailer on a jig, carolina and texas rigged and more. these craws are well worth the money and have my recommendation

From: AJ: Florissant, MO

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