The Minda Lures Spear Worms offer a unique and versatile presentation thanks to its oversized reaper-style profile. Its meaty body allows for easy rigging, and its broad tail produces more water displacement and flash than other worms on the market, all while slowing its fall and helping to trigger more strikes. Swim it, use it on a drop shot, or as a jig or spinnerbait trailer, the Minda Lures Spear Worm is available in several proven colors, and can be fished basically any way you can imagine.

Length Quantity
4" 12
7" 8

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: I have been fishing Minda lures for a few years now and I am always impressed with them. Their colors are awesome, the baits hold up VERY well, and their customer service is just amazing. You can not go wrong with Minda products. I love the Brodie Oil, and Kiwi colors my self. I fish the 4 inch ones for drop shot and as a trailer on my buzz baits, chatter baits, and spinner baits. I use the 7inch one quite a bit on a C-rig. Check out their crawfish as well. Thank you www.thebassholes.com for turning me on to these lures!

From: Brandon:IN

Comments: A great bait for both largemouth and stripers!I rig them weightless with the tail positioned horizontally for a slow sink rate to entice finicky bucketmouths. For stripers i use them as a trailer on a bucktail. A durable,versatile and very effective bait.

From: Dan: Rhode ISland

Comments: I love these spear worms they are like nothing else i have ever used. again like the minda spear craw the plastic is very strong i have caught upwards of 10 fish on a single worm. best carolina rig worm i have ever fished if you fish any midwest lake big or small (kentucky lake , lake barkley, the orarks)  you have to try these

From: AJ: Florissant, MO

Comments: These is really a nice worm with so many applications.  I love slapping it on a Scrounger and swimming the worm, I also love t-rigging it.  Depending on how I rig it can change the fall to a slow fluttering fall for when the bass are feeding, or change it to where the worm drops faster to get more of a reaction strike!  Love the Smoke Shad, Huckleberry, Black Neon and of course Green Pumpkin!

From: Ace45102: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: These Minda Spear worms are just amazing fish catching machines, if your on a tough bite, try one of these babies, T-rigged, shakey head,  weightless, or as a trailer,  you wont be dissapointed.

From: Mark: Thomasville, AL

Comments: These are awesome baits, whether texas rigged or used as a trailer, they produce! We used these on TheBassholes.com in our Bait Bash event and the number of fish these baits caught, all across the country, was amazing.  Check the Bait Bash board on TheBassholes.com message boards to see how many fish these baits produced.

From: Jared: South Carolina, USA

Comments: Great baits Tx rigged or on a large shakey head. also makes an unbeliveable trailor on a chatterbait

From: Gary: Richmond, TX

Comments: I have been using 7" Spearworms for 3 yrs now and am constantly amazed at how they can attract fish when all the "regular" baits go untouched. I fish them rigged both horizontally and vertically, creating two totally different actions.  I typically fish them weightless or T-rigged. The 4" version makes an excellent trailer on jigs, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and also do very well as a drop-shot bait.  I have had exceptional success with all of the above presentations. I highly recommend this product.

From: Morgan: Madison, WI

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