Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor

$1849.99 - $1999.99

Voted Best of Show in the Marine category at the 2010 ICAST Show in Las Vegas.

Featuring the fastest deployment time and the highest anchor force on the market, the Minn Kota Talon is a Shallow-Water Anchor System designed to quickly and quietly stop and position your boat - whether you’re fishing saltwater or freshwater, in-land seas or rivers. Operating from the boat’s existing battery setup, the Talon vertically deploys its spike without fish-spooking noise, and when not in use, the lightweight Talon can be easily taken off the boat thanks to its Quick Release Bracket (comes standard). Its Electro-Mechanical, Cable-Driven design, as opposed to the standard hydraulic system, eliminates concerns about noise, deployment speed, installation and reliability - providing a powerful and quiet solution. 

Made of marine-grade extruded anodized aluminum, the Talon can withstand a harsh corrosive saltwater environment, as well as, the pounding waves of a freshwater river or lake, and the indestructible Spike, made with fiberglass reinforced composite material, is guaranteed for life.

An Auto Up/Down feature means just a quick press of a button is all you need for fully automatic deployment and retraction, and each unit comes standard with two Wireless Remotes for added convenience.

An exclusive Auto-Drive feature drives the spike into the bottom with three successive hits with increased force on each hit. And when winds and currents pick up, you can activate the Rough Waters mode, which repeats the Auto-Drive feature sequence three additional times at ten-second intervals to ensure a secure hold.

A Built-in Wave Absorption feature also helps ensure the spike stays secure in rough water conditions. To gauge the depth of the deployed spike, you can also simply glance at the unit’s LED indicator lights, which display deployment in one foot increments, and a notification alarm warns you if you start your outboard while the spike is still down. 

Environmentally friendly as well, causing no damage to vegetation or the bottom, the Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor also comes with a comprehensive 2-year Warranty and Lifetime Guaranty on the spike.


-One Talon Shallow Water Anchor
-Hardware for direct, Flat Transom Mounting*
-Two Wireless Remotes with two lanyards
-Consule-mount Wireless Remote Holder

*Please Note: The Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor may require additional mounting brackets - depending on your boat type.

Click here for Minn Kota's Talon Adapter Bracket Selection Guide.

Click here to check out Minn Kota's Warranty page.

These models are not available for order outside of the United States.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have (2) 12' Black Talons, they have been a great to say the least. IMO they blow power poles away also. Fast, quiet & for those of you who don't know you can run them at the same time off only one remote, I mounted mine at the bow and counsel and sold the extra 2.

From: Jesse: Casco, WI 7/10/15

Comments: i have the 12' silver talon on my 19' procraft. I absolutely love everything about it. i went with the talon instead of the power poles for the ease of the installation. there are no hydraulic lines to fail or lose pressure. with the talon it is all mechanical. the best feature is that if you ever have a power issue while on the water, there is an actuating bolt to lower or raise the talon. very fast deployment and quiet. built to last. not to mention the 5 year warranty and lifetime on the spike!

From: Chris: North Haven, CT 5/12/15

Comments: The newly designed 12ft Talon I bought about a month ago BLOWS power poles out of the water.  I had the 8ft talon to start and it was noisy and slow, but the new 12ft is very fast and quiet.  In fact my buddy has two pro series II and my 12ft talon is faster and more quiet.  Get the tilt bracket and you won't have to worry about bridges anymore.

From: Andy: WI 6/27/14

Comments: After much debate on Talons vs Power Poles, I ended up buying to Talons.  I am very pleased with my purchase.  They are simple, quiet, and effective.  What more do you want?  I put them on a 21ft Skeeter and they really come in handy when the wind is beating you down or for those times when you have to fix something in your boat and you dont want to drift.  I would gladly recommend them.

From: Thomas: Columbia, SC 3/21/14

Comments: One of the best investments I have ever made.  I was able to fish on Kentucky lake in 40mph winds and never had to fight with the trolling motor.  The talon is fast and very secure I would never fish without one anymore.

From: Jon: Joliet, IL

Comments: Best investment I have ever made on a boat. I fish a 20ft Skeeter and it holds me rock solid in 20-30 mph winds. I will never own a boat without the Talon. This device helped me land 4 largemouths over 10 lbs in South Florida in some brutally windy conditions.

From: Dustin: Mt Juliet, TN

Comments: Just purchased new Xpress H20CCSS Bay and had dealer install 8' Talon.  Just tried it out on Calcasieu and while others where fighting their anchors, we were reeling in the speckled trout.  Boat never moved, even when ships came through the pass and caused strong undercurrents.  Deploys and returns as quickly as stated....great product....wish I would have invented it.

From: Rick: Shreveport, LA

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