The Mojo Lures Reefer has the thinnest, liveliest tail of any Reeper style bait on the market today. A great choice for attracting those highly pressured, lock jawed fish, bass can’t resist its natural presentation and alluring tail action. Available in range of colors and scented for added fish attraction, the Mojo Lures Reefer performs whether you fish it on a Texas-rig, Carolina-rig, Mojo-rig, drop shot, darter head or even your favorite skirted jig.

Length Quantity
3" 10
4" 10
5" 10

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: The 3" Mojo reefer on a 16th oz. Ball jig got 4 Crappie from 12"-14" in about a half hour, verticle jigging in 10-12' of water. Great lure!

From: John: USA 9/21/16

Comments: The reaper tail doesn't have a lot of action. If any. Otherwise, great drop shot and pretty durable. Really like the packaging as well.

Comments: Wow! Mojo Reefer at TW! So far I must  have ordered in larger quantities at Mojo. I am very glad that they are now available at TW. For me it«s absolutely best Dropshot-plastic bait for Perch. I caught hundreds of Perch on 3" length. Premium color for me: Watermelon seed.

From: Petr: Czech Republic

Comments: I've used Mojo Reefers for over a decade and a half back then when they were one of those rare and hard to find "California baits" not known to us eastern/ southern / across the border, actually, whenever I mentioned them nobody knew what I was talking about. DEADLY baits. I«m glad TW has decided to sell them because, quite frankly, I stopped fishing with them because I just couldn«t get my hands on more ( everytime I tied one it hurt )

From: Raul: Mexico

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