Mojo Lures Rock Hopper Weights - $2.79 to $3.29

Yet another innovative design from Mojo Weights, the Rockhopper gives you another tool to get your bait through the rocks without hanging up. Many anglers already know the advantage that a long skinny weight gives you when you're fishing around rocky structure, the weight tends to slide over narrow cracks that would swallow and wedge thicker, shorter weights. The Mojo Rockhopper gives you more rigging options than the standard Mojo Slipshot weights. Try the Rockhopper as a Carolina-rig weight, just slide it on your line, tie on your swivel and leader and you're fishing a Carolina-rig that will help keep you from hanging the bottom, or for an adjustable rig slide the Rockhopper on your line and use the Rubber Stopper through the hole for a Carolina-rig you can adjust. For a unique, snag-free Texas-rig just slip the Rockhopper on your line and tie on an offset hook and allow the weight to slide against the hook eye and you're fishing! These weights are worth trying for snag-free fishing.
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Mojo Lures Rock Hopper Weights

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Mojo Rock Hopper Weights 1/4 9pk-1 $2.89
Mojo Rock Hopper Weights 3/8 7pk-1 $2.79
Mojo Rock Hopper Weights 1/2 6pk-1 $3.19
Mojo Rock Hopper Weights 5/8 6pk-1 $3.29

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Comments: You WILL NOT hang up!!! Too bad they aren't brass.

From: wad o meat

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