Mojo Lures Slip Shot Weights - $2.89

Mojo Weights seem to perform magic when it comes to getting through rocks and other weight catching bottom structure. They are long, narrow, and are able to slip through obstructions that round split shot or bullet shaped weights would foul in, causing you to lose valuable time in a tournament because you have to sit down and re-tie so often. Try these weights when you are splitshotting or for a light Carolina-rig. Some anglers use a toothpick to secure the Mojo Weight, but check out the Top Brass Peg-It System or the Mojo Slip Shot Threader Kit we offer for a soft rubber peg that will not damage the line. These weights are also useful for dropshotting with the Peg-It System or with the Mojo Slip Shot Threader Kit.

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Mojo Lures Slip Shot Weights

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