Mojo has just introduced the Newest weight system to its product line. This weight swivel with line clasp is ideal for a vertical application and presentation referred to as Down Shottin'. Giving fisherman the same advantages of their nationally acclaimed long and small diameter cylindrical Slip Shot Sinker, also referred to as "The Mojo."

These line clasp swivels will not prematurely cut your line like other brands available on the market today, that are manufactured with low quality production standards, materials and parts. You know the ones that break off when you are casting or attaching the weight to the line. Does this ring a bell? Sound a little too familiar?

Mojo uses the finest quality Pineapple Grooved Swivel line clasps available. Manufactured in Japan of the finest materials, to compliment their manufacturing objective.

This method of rigging is very productive when targeting fish that are suspending over or relating to structure and cover. The line can be easily attached to the weight by inserting the line through the wire line clasp where desired and gently pulling up with minimal force. If the weight happens to snag, the weight will weaken and cut the line when a substantial amount of pressure is applied to your line. Which means the weight will release from the line before breaking at the palomar knot (used to attach your hook to the line). Now you will only loose the weight and not you're hard earned fish!

The swivel eliminates all possible line twists, especially with spinning reels and gear teamed up with light line. If you desire a Drop Shot that is more of a Snag Less weight designed for casting and retrieving through structure and cover, check out Mojo's patent pending H.P. Drop Shot Sinkers.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are the only drop shot weights I use and I love them. They never get hung up and weight change is a breeze.

From: Rich: NJ

Comments: without a doubt the best DS weights ever made. Not many people know but Larry, the owner, doesn't cheap out on the swivels. These are American made and the best you can buy. IMO swivels are the most important part of a DS weight. Super glad they are being made again! Much love MOJO!

From: Garrett: DVL

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