The Molix FS Single Indiana Spinnerbait is a compact, finesse style spinnerbait perfect for those times when fishing pressure is at its heaviest. Its single Indiana blade blends the flash of a willow blade with the vibration of a Colorado blade for the best of both worlds, and a very effective presentation. The extra light, special grade aluminum Indiana blade starts flashing and vibrating the moment the bait hits the water, and its wider head design also gives it a wiggling action unlike any other spinnerbait on the market, helping it trigger strikes from the finickiest of fish.  Equipped with an ultra fine cut silicone skirt as well for a more realistic and natural action, the Molix FS Single Indiana Spinnerbait leaves the competition in the dust.

"The best spinnerbaits on the market today!"- Michael “Ike” Iaconelli, Bassmaster Elite Series pro.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought this in the White/Chart and this thing is amazing!  I've been crushing the smallmouth with it!  With the small profile, it doesn't seem like it would cast that easily/far but it casts further than my half ounce double willow spinnerbaits.  Might be because of only having the single Indiana and less wind resistance??  Either way this thing is great.  Very well built and the blade spins very easily which makes it nice for being able to slow roll.  I will be buying more!

From: Matt: Central, PA 4/23/14

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