When fishing conditions push bass into shallower waters, utilize the erratic, wobbling action of Molix F Crank SR (Shallow Running) Crankbait. Like its deep running cousin, the Molix F Crank SR Crankbait features a flat-bodied design that is easily controlled with a “stop-and-go” retrieve or by varying your retrieve speed. The special moving weight system also delivers incredible casting distance, allowing anglers to cover more water with less effort. Run the Molix F Crank SR Crankbait over shallow cover and let it deflect off of stumps and rocks to trigger aggressive reaction strikes. Available in a host of fish-catching colors, the Italian manufactured Molix F Crank SR Crankbait is made with an undeniable level of precision and quality that makes it “flat” out get bit.

Molix Length Weight Class Depth
F Crank SR 2-1/2" 3/8oz Floating 0-2ft

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