Molix Frog

Quite possibly one of the most realistic frogs on the market, the Molix Frog features an unmatched anatomical accuracy, and an innovative design that makes it like having three baits in one. The Molix Frog comes with lifelike silicone legs that are internally reinforced and engineered to create a realistic kicking action. Additionally, the Molix Frog also comes with twin ponytails that, thanks to its inventive design, can easily be swapped out with the frog legs. The ponytails deliver a more traditional style of frog and a strong pulsating action on the pause. Lastly, the Molix Frog is capable of being fished without either of these options, for a completely weedless presentation that has a strong walking action. Developed through countless hours of in-the-field frog research, the Molix Frog is the closest that you can get to fishing a real frog, without actually fishing a real frog. 

Length Weight
2.5" 3/4oz

2 Colors

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    Model No. MOFR-108
    Chart Frog
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    3/4oz 5+
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    Model No. MOFR-92
    Rainforest Frog
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    3/4oz 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great frog better customer service! The frog comes with the kevlar legs which feel great & have a nice sturdy feel to them. Although it doesn't say on the box you need to glue the leg in place otherwise you will lose them. Unfortunately I found this out the hard way & lost my legs. A few emails later to Molix. I received a package with 2 pairs of replacement legs & 2 bags of sample soft plastics. Great customer service great frog! Need to tell you to glue the legs on or in the package.

From: Tom: IN 6/24/16

Comments: This frog is everything it claims to be, although it could use some small adjustments. The legs, at least on the one i received, tend to angle down after a few casts, which is still fishable but not adjustable like I had hoped and read in other reviews.  It is extremely lifelike but you do have to squeeze water out of it fairly often which I had hoped to avoid by forking up for the Molix bait. Granted this allows for the fish to crush this bait. After missing a good blow up you will often find the frog full of water because the fish was able to entirely collapse the body in the split second before spitting it. 

From: Phil: Sacramento, CA 8/14/14

Comments: Great baits but even better customer service! I got one with a defect leg and Molix sent me a new one with extra sample plastics. Keep up the good work Molix!

From: Chris: Milwaukee, WI 3/3/14

Comments: The rubber legs on mine broke off almost immediately out of the package. I super glued them back on but its hobbled. Yet to get a strike after hours of fishing it

From: Dalton: So Cal

Comments: Awesome Frog!! Watch this video to see if catching Bass!!

From: Josh: Camden De

Comments: MONEY!! Been fishing one for about a month. Only frog they will touch at heavy pressured ponds.

From: Leroy: Where 10lbs are dinks, The dark deep woods

Comments: this is a nice frog, it's soft and bulky, it has kevlar reinforced legs, has a nice swimming action and if you rotate the legs down it swims underwater

From: FrogMan: Italy


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