When Italian design meets a talented bass pro like Mike Iaconelli, what comes next is a new bait category called "Special  Vibration Jigs." Constructed from high performance ABS grade materials, the Molix Lover Treble Vibration Jig features a sound construction for maximum durability and performance. Introducing Molix's reverse shovel lip, the Lover offers an uncanny swimming action. Available in a range of proven colors, the Lover Treble Vibration Jig is also backed with a high performance OMTD treble hook. For best results, fish the Molix Lover Treble Vibration Jig in open water situations.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This Molix Lover Vibration Jig is HOT.. I recently saw one tied on Iaconelli's rod at the Elite tournament here in AR on Lake Dardanelle & instantly started my research on how to get some.. of course Tackle Warehouse was my 1st stop and BAM!! I fish schooling smallmouth alot and i wanted a lure to get below the smaller fish to the larthargic lazy PIGS setting underneath the school & the Molix Jig does this, ive caught several smallies from 3-5lbs since ive started throwing the Lover and now im in Love. .

From: Scott: Conway, AR 7/18/14

Comments: Last summer got on a good school of smallies on st.clair that were busting bait on the surface in 6-7 FOW, the lover killed it! i was fishing it on a mojobass spinnerbait rod with a curado g6 and 15 lb fluoro. burning it just sub surface was the ticket! ive also caught some good largemouth on the Detroit river with this lures weedless counterpart. definitely a product worth trying.

From: Unknown: USA 3/4/14

Comments: man this LITTLE swim/chatter jig is the shizzy,did I mention little,it's tiny...BUT FRICKN DEADLY!!!!the fish love to hammer down on this lil jig. I personally like the other one better with the skirt and reg. hook it has better action and look in the water with the skirt,plus u can add whatever trailers u prefer. But these r both deff. a keeper bait. They work amazingly well and produce quality fish. And o'yea this thing is nearly bomb proof, I've stepped on it and didn't break and my kid also castes one of these into multiple rocks/trees and nuttin,so the dude who said these will break ERRRRRR WRONG'O MISTER!!!!

From: Steveo

Comments: I caught a 9.4 last wkend and had no issues with the bill breaking. Awesome action and worth the money

From: FW, TX

Comments: Good question! Molix spends a crazy amount of time testing all their lures. They put a metal wire that goes from the eyelet all the way through the to the hook! I tested these on the Potomac all summer and fall and never had one fail with several fish over 5lbs...You could catch a 20lber and have zero issues...Its designed like a inverted Crankbait. Good Luck everyone!

From: Josh: Camden, DE

Comments: Clearly this guy below has no idea what he's talking about. It is probably a competitor trying to bash his competition! Please Only review products that YOU have tested..

From: Chris

Comments: Looks to me like a big fish would just snap off the plastic bill.  Design flaw?  Did Ike even test it out on a +5lber?  No doubt any fish over 10lbs would snap that thing off. 

From: Thor, MN

Comments: the best  big fish bait

From: Allen: Powell, TN

Comments: I'd call it an inverted crankbait, i'm tempted to give it a go.

From: NS, NM

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