Molix SB Rattlin' Crankbait 55

Crafted with the same iconic, bug-eyed look as its silent brethren, the Molix SB Rattlin’ Crankbait 55 muscles its way through thick, shallow cover with a sound and a look that drives bass wild. Built with a high-pitched rattle, the Molix SB Rattlin Crankbait 55 presents shallow water bass with a tight-wobbling action and distinct underwater acoustic that irritates and engages them.

In addition, the Molix SB Rattlin’ Crankbait 55 also comes equipped with a fixed weighting system that allows for long distance casts. Engineered with an aggressive posture, the Molix SB Rattlin’ Crankbait 55 is able to deflect off of cover and avoid snagging with ease, even at a slower retrieve. Backed by two sticky-sharp trebles, the Molix SB Rattlin’ Crankbait 55 dives into shallow water with one purpose – to catch fish.  

Molix Length Weight Class
SB Rattlin' Crank 55  2-1/4" 3/8oz Floating

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

8 Colors

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