The Molix Sculpo Crankbaits were designed by Molix - an Italian lure company that is quickly making inroads into the US with their innovative and well-crafted products. The Sculpo is a “low profile” crankbait with a unique wobbling action. Thoroughly tested and refined, it features a new high-density polycarbonate lip design that has increased durability, as well as a revolutionary BES (Balance Emersion System). The Balance Emersion System is a combination of a precisely engineered body design and internal weights that work together to provide natural buoyancy and excellent balance. Available in several killer colors, the Molix Sculpo Crankbaits are perfect for deflecting off all types of natural and human structure.

Molix Sculpo Length Weight Class Dive Depth
Sculpo DD 2 1/2" 3/4oz Floating 10-13 ft
Sculpo DR 2" 1/2oz Floating 7-8 ft

Treble Hooks

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Simply, I like it. Great bait and little size.

From: Pedro: C'rdoba, Spain

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