The Molix Sligone features an exclusive high-density plastic composition, providing longer and more precise casts and natural movement in the water. The Sligone is poured with micro salt crystals and enhanced with amino acid shrimp scent, an exclusive natural extract base formula - for added fish attraction. The extremely thin tail fin and fat body are responsible the Sligone's killer, natural action. Available in several colors, the Molix Sligone is used by their US pro staffers, Bassmaster Elite Series veterans, Michael Iaconelli and Randy Howell.

Length Quantity
7" 5
5.5" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I got one of these in a sample pack, green pumpkin red flake.  All of the action you would expect from a senko with the added bonus of some whipping from the tail.  The durability held true!  Caught 9 bass on just the one I had, a 5#, 4# and various other weights.  Granted the lure was pretty tore up by the last fish, but it still held its integrity until the fish had destroyed the front of the lure (where as the back of the lure had already been torn in half by the previous fish). I am going to buy a bag or two of these just to see if my opinion holds for other days of fishing!

From: Steve: Zanesville Ohio

Comments: I don't know what it is about these but they work. I got one in a sample pack and I was struggling today flipping a craw so just for kicks I put on with a 1/2 oz weight and it was game on!

From: Matt: IL

Comments: I wont say it has a better action than a senko, but it is for sure different. The thin tail at the end of the bait causes a different action when it starts to fall backwards because the tail folds. With its real swim technology it is sure to impress.

From: Casey: Palatine, IL

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