Designed to imitate a dragonfly in the non-flying nymph stage, the Molix Swimming Dragonfly (also known as the SWD) delivers a unique presentation that excels with a number of finesse techniques. Featuring a host of flattened appendages along the body, the Molix Swimming Dragonfly catches and displaces plenty of water while creating a bubble trail and tons of subtle micro-movements.

Poured using dual-density plastic, the Molix Swimming Dragonfly's rear section is built to float while at rest, giving it a tempting posture when fished on a shakey head, football jig, or weightless. For an even wider range of applications, the front-and-back half of the bait can also be separated to create two different baits – a super finesse-style craw trailer and a worm-like bait that can be fished as a trailer and on a dropshot. Loaded with a powerful crawfish scent, the Molix Swimming Dragonfly delivers a one-of-a-kind construction that finesse anglers everywhere are sure to love.

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