Molix Swimming Jig Heads 2pk - $4.99

The Molix Swimming Jig Head delivers compact, perfectly balanced performance. The flat bottom of the head helps it plane through the water, and allows it to swim true at any speed. A molded-in skirt keeper also allows you to make your own custom swim jig creation and better match the hatch in your local waters. The super sharp, premium OMTD hook delivers ultra fast penetration, and the precisely designed weedguard helps deflect snags without inhibiting hook sets. Tie on your favorite swim jig trailer and get to work with the Molix Swimming Jig.

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Molix Swimming Jig Heads 2pk

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Molix Swimming Jig Head 1/4 $4.99 5+
Molix Swimming Jig Head 3/8 $4.99 5
Molix Swimming Jig Head 1/2 $4.99 4

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