Moreau Baits 2.5" Topwater Field Mouse

Moreau Baits 2.5

The Moreau Baits Topwater Field Mouse was designed by Kevin Moreau, a full-time award-winning taxidermist. Mouse and rat baits have long been known to attract huge trophy bass, and the Field Mouse offers a slightly smaller profile to attract even more bites from quality fish, as well as from the big ones. Hand crafted and painstakingly refined, it features extremely lifelike detailing and a durable molded body. Equipped with a single, super sharp treble hook and sturdy split ring, the Moreau Baits Topwater Field Mouse also comes complete with a lively soft plastic tail that can be easily replaced if damaged.

Moreau Baits Length Weight Class
Field Mouse 2-1/2" 3/4oz Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome bait. 3 main retrieves work for me. Slow straight reel retrieve, slow walk, fast walk. The fish will tell you what they want. The strikes are violent & very very easy to walk. I consider it the wacky worm of the topwater world, you can't fish it wrong. Tt's worth the price tag.

From: Ryne: IL 9/21/16

Comments: Got this little mouse on a Tuesday and took it out after work on thursday. Wow was my only reaction this thing caught fish after fish. Walks great there was not a time that I missed a hook set. The trebles are great and have no problem staying clean though weeded areas. Seriously get one and you will love it and not put it down.

From: Kyle: Seaford, DE 6/20/14

Comments: One thing that I love about this bait is that it is so lifelike. If you didn't know it you would think that it is real. I love to fish this mouse about the same way I would a frog. In the spring I swim it ouver the top of submerged trees and bushes or just down the edge of an open bank. Big female bass will tear it up. Some of the fish will jump clear out of the water to hit this lure. I have caught some big bass on this little mouse They will totally inhale this lure and sometimes it is hard to get it out of their throat without injuring the fish. I know they are expensive but they will catch you a big fish. They walk the dog just as well as any other topwater bait. The way I fish it is to walk it a few feet and let it sit for a few seconds. BAM, they will hit it hard. Pick you up one, you won't regret it.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: plain and simple this little mouse is freakn awesome.not sure what it is about it but its like catnip for bass,it catches fish that memories are made from.get one,trust me

From: Sam: USA

Comments: Matt, they use 4" Western Plastic straight tail worms in their Moreau Field Mouse.  Angler's Arsenal in La Mesa, CA makes them.  Or you can use just about any worm.  Just trim it to fit.

From: ACH: SoCal

Comments: just got this bait and it looks awesome. not sure how it will do in cold water so might not use it as much but cant wait for next summer! what kind of tail replace should i get if this one gets tore or damaged?

From: Matt: IL

Comments: plain n simple this lil mouse bait is the shiz.i love using it,it just gets exploded on cast after cast,i have ALOT and i mean ALOT of tackle garage and shed full of lures and  this is one of my top 5 lures,even out of magabass,vagabonds,fisharrows and all my jdm collector lures.i have one tied on at all times and one in my office for my collection that sits on her little shelf for everyone to love love this lure.get one and see the hogs shell produce for you too.great job on this lil beauty kevin moreau!!!!!

From: Steveo: Windy City

Comments: Cool little bait! Picked one up when they first came out locally.  Walks really well.  Small bait, can throw it on standard bass gear, straight 50# braid; throws a mile.  Good hookup with the one hook.  Caught fish first trip out with it.  Very durable finish.

From: ACH: Cali

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