Even though it’s small in stature, the Moreau Baits 3” Game Changer Fry is big on detail and features, including 3D eyes, a lifelike paint job, extensive divot scaling, and a jointed tail. In addition to its true-to-life profile, the Moreau Baits 3" Game Changer Fry also possesses a highly responsive action that walks with the slightest tap of the rod tip. For best results, it is suggested to let the bait sit for 10 seconds or so before starting the walking action, and then use a “tap, tap, pause” retrieve. Finished with high-quality split-rings and a super-sharp treble hook, the Moreau Baits 3” Game Changer Fry is the perfect bite-sized snack for fry-hungry bass. 

Moreau Baits  Length Weight Class
 Game Changer Fry 3" 1/4oz  Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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