Moreau Baits 3" Original Frog - $43.99

The Moreau Baits 3” Topwater Walking Frogs are designed and crafted by Kevin Moreau, a full-time, award-winning taxidermist, specializing in bird and fish mounts.  He has been making and fishing his own lures for most of his life, and after pressure from local fisherman to put his baits out there for everyone to fish, he decided to focus on perfecting the baits and refining the paint jobs.  The result was the ultra realistic Moreau Baits 3” Topwater Frog, which has already accounted for a ton of quality bass. Available in multiple lifelike colors, the Moreau Baits 3” Topwater Walking Frog looks and swims just like the real thing.

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Frog 3" 1-oz Topwater

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Moreau Baits 3

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Comments: Big baits catch big fish. That holds true if this bait is used. It may seem expensive, but probably the most inexpensive fishing item in an anglers arsenal. How many reels or rods can be purchased for $40.00? This bait is very well crafted. It casts like a bullet, sits level in the water, and is very effective.

From: Larry: Houston, TX

Comments: Had a few big blowups and even a crane swooped down on this bait multiple times. very well made.

From: Tom: San Diego, CA

Comments: I agree with Jared.  And Ugly Sticks are better than customs, Zebo 33s are better than anything Shimano makes; and the list goes on.

From: AC: Not KY

Comments: i wouldnt ever think about buying one of these when i could get a rebel frog r and they are better

From: Jared: KY

Comments: Just received the frog and it's a well made bait, watch out for the sharp hooks. Looks so real, can't wait to feed this bait to my first monster bass!!

From: Dominick: Uncasville, CT

Comments: Have had Kevin's Top water frog for quite awhile now as well as the 2.5" shad and this is bait is ridiculous! Really gets alot of attention as I've had multiple species on it this past summer. You get this bait you will not be dissapointed.

From: Szuloaga, Valencia 

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