Moreau Baits 3" Topwater Bluegill

Moreau Baits 3

Designed and crafted by Kevin Moreau, a full-time, award-winning taxidermist specializing in bird and fish mounts, the Moreau Baits 3” Topwater Bluegill is an ultra realistic, floating topwater bait with a swimming action second to none. Moreau has been making and fishing his own lures for most of his life, and after pressure from local fisherman, he decided to put his baits out there for everyone to fish.  Easily walk it along the surface with successive twitches of your rod - and hold on.  During the first day of testing, the Moreau Baits Topwater Bluegill baits were catching four and five pound bass all day.

Moreau Baits Length Weight Class
Topwater Bluegill 3" 3/4-oz Topwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: mines got great action looks nice and everything but I haven't had anything hit this except a bird. I think the action is awesome

From: Joe: San Diego, CA 8/27/15

Comments: bought a few of these in different sizes when they first came out. The action.... Is lacking, to put it nicely. I've tinkered with em quit a bit, just can't get it to come alive. Maybe the line tie position...Seems to be the deal with all the moreau baits. Big on looks, short on action.

From: Jake: GA 8/8/14

Comments: I've been fishing the Moreau Bluegill on the tidal Potomac with great success.  This is an all day top water, big fish bait. It produces when literally nothing else is. It casts extremely well,walks the dog and glides effortlessly.  Yes its expensive but its worth every penny.

From: Rob: Springfield, VA

Comments: My first impression on these baits is WOW!!!, jaw dropping for sure. I can't believe the incredible detail that goes into these baits. Very high quality and well worth the money and to be honest, I think I under paid. You just can't get this kind of quality and especially when it's made here in the good USA. These are the sickest most amazing baits I have ever seen. I can't wait to go out this weekend and smash em on the Cal Delta and the Mother Load lakes. If you want a top quality lure this one is the one for you. I would buy two.

From: Dan The Fireman: Turlock, CA

Comments: Moreau baits hands down will catch fish for me when all other topwater lures fail. The 3" bluegill is without a doubt my favorite topwater lure in our gin clear desert lakes, I have caught fish in perfectly flat bright sky conditions with this bait and it still looks great due to the attention to detail when building these lures. My biggest so far on this bait is 5.82, perfect tournament lure.

From: Kam: UT

Comments: i prefer this one over the 4" the 4" is a bulky bait,this one is just rite a perfect meal for those big hungry bass and smallies.there hasnt been a day yet where i havent had hits on ANY moreau bait,i just wish they would lower the prices,kinda pricy for little 3" baits wheres the resession?? lol.but great baits.

From: Steveo: Windy City

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