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The biggest bass in most lakes and waterways can eat pretty much anything they want - rats, birds, snakes - they all offer a nice calorie rich meal for big bass. Rat baits in particular have been used for quite some time by trophy bass anglers because rats are so pervasive around the country that it isn’t that uncommon for one to fall in the water and have to make that mad swim to safety. Big bass don’t get big by passing up an easy meal, and the Moreau Baits Topwater Rat delivers the ultra realistic profile, detail and action necessary to fool them.

Kevin Moreau, owner and creator of Moreau Baits, is a full-time award-winning taxidermist, who has been fishing and hunting his whole life.  He has also been making and fishing his own lures with success for most of his life, and with pressure from local fisherman began to refine his baits and make them available to the public. Available in several realistic colors, the Moreau Baits Topwater Rat features a durable, molded body, two super sharp belly trebles, and a realistic soft plastic tail - all of which combine to form a killer rat presentation that has already accounted for some big bass.

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Comments: Excellent quality excellent bait! Don't let the price scare you if your gonna get a rat get a nice one this one! It's cheaper than any others & I haven't found on better it's a spook type bait so that's great for walking the dog got mine today and I love them the best detail the best action sorry rago you got beat on this one

From: Colson: USA 12/9/15

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