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The Moreau Baits 8.5" Game Changer is handcrafted by renowned taxidermist, Kevin Moreau, to deliver an unmatched anatomical accuracy that will fool the wariest bass into biting. From line-tie to tail, the Moreau Baits 8.5” Game Changer is covered in lifelike details, including an unbelievable paint job, 3D eyes, and textured gills/fins. The tail of Moreau Baits 8.5" Game Changer is built using a durable jointing that produces an attention grabbing clank and an attractive walking action. The beefy frame of the Moreau Baits 8.5” Game Changer sits high up in the water and reacts to the rod tip's every movement. For best results, it is suggested to let the bait sit for 10 seconds or so before starting the walking action, and then use a “tap, tap, pause” retrieve. When it’s time to track down your kicker fish, the Moreau Baits 8.5” Game Changer provides size and the detail that will have big bass drooling.  

Moreau Baits  Length Weight Class
 Game Changer 8.5" 3oz Topwater 

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