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Blackbirds are a delicacy that big, trophy bass will readily devour when the opportunity presents itself. And since big bass and blackbirds cohabitate waterways across the Country, the situation happens more than you would think. Trophy bass hunters have been using bird lures for years to entice big bass that won’t fall for the usual tricks. Protein-rich and slow-moving, an injured blackbird is an easy target.

Designed by Kevin Moreau, a seasoned bass fisherman and full-time, award-winning taxidermist, the Moreau Baits Black Magic topwater bait delivers an accurate imitation proven to call up the big ones. Incredibly detailed and realistic, they walk easily across the water's surface, and can hold up to the abuse of big fish. Available in redwing and yellowhead black bird colors, pick up a Moreau Baits Black Magic topwater bait today - you won't be disappointed.

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Black Magic 5" 2-oz Topwater

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Moreau Baits Black Magic

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Comments: This is hands down the best lure I have ever used in my life. It's like its actually a real wounded bird in the water. Highly recommend this lure and well worth forty dollars.

From: Johnson: CA

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