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The Moreau Baits Drop Spin Vicious Strike Series takes the time-tested tail spin design to the next level. Incredibly detailed and realistic like all Moreau Baits, the Vicious Strike Series has a wider and slightly bigger profile than the Tournament Series Moreau Drop Spins. It stays level as it sinks and produces an enticing wobble on the fall with its small Colorado-blade fluttering the entire time. Most bites usually occur on the fall, and it sinks at approximately 1-ft/sec so you can count it down to any depth. Extremely versatile, you can drop it down to suspended fish and yo-yo it through the school. Slow roll it along the bottom with a slow to medium retrieve, or twitch it, walk it, or dart it under the water, it’s already been responsible for some quality fish catches during testing. Very similar to a spinnerbait, it’s also a great search bait and can be fished with any type of line. Designed by Kevin Moreau, a seasoned bass fisherman and full-time, award-winning taxidermist, the Moreau Baits Drop Spin Vicious Strike Series gets bass worked up shallow or deep.

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Drop Spin - Vicious Strike 3" 0.8oz Sinking
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