From baitfish to birds and even rats, bass will eat just about anything - including lizards. This is exactly why the Moreau Baits Topwater Lizard is so incredibly effective. Handcrafted by renowned taxidermist and lure-builder, Kevin Moreau, the Moreau Baits Topwater Lizard offers a lifelike reptile imitation that is designed to move across the surface with an unbelievable walking action.

Made from the highest-quality materials available, the Moreau Bait Topwater Lizard sits high in the water and walks with lightest tap of the rod tip. For best results, let the bait sit for 10 second before you begin your retrieve and then work it with a steady stop-and-go action. Available in a select number of lizard patterns, the Moreau Baits Topwater Lizard delivers unmatched realism and an outstanding action. 

Moreau Baits  Length w/out tail Length w/ tail Weight
Topwater Lizard 3" 6" 1/2oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I hate to say it, but this is the worst Moreau bait that I have ever owned. There is no way that you can get it to walk at all. It looks great and you can see the quality that is built into this bait. If it doesn't catch fish then it is worthless. Don't waste your money.

From: Wildbillbilly: Hohenwald, TN 10/8/14

Comments: Got my first one in the mail, thought it was defective because of the lures action. Supposed to walk but did nothing of the sort. so I sent it back in order to receive a new one. tried throwing it a couple of times with several different types of setups (mono, braid, medium and heavy, etc.) and nothing would get it to provide the action of walking. Not worth the 30 bucks. returned it for a refund.

From: Christian: FL 8/6/14

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