Moreau Baits Two Face Dying Bait - $39.99

Crafted by award-winning taxidermist, Kevin Moreau, the Moreau Baits Two Face Dying Bait imitates the exact look and struggling actions of an injured fish moving along the surface. Made to swim horizontally on its side instead of vertically, the Moreau Baits Two Face Dying Bait features hook hangers on either side that allows the razor-sharp treble hooks to dangle below the bait.

Offering an amazing level of detail, the Moreau Baits Two Face Dying Bait is covered in an intricate scaling pattern, gill plate contours, and finished with lifelike 3D eyes. Backed by two razor-sharp trebles, the Moreau baits Two Face Dying Bait offers bass an easy meal that is just too tasty to pass up. 

Moreau Baits Length Weight Class
Two-Face Dying Bait  3" 3/4oz Topwater

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Moreau Baits Two Face Dying Bait

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