Moreau Baits Walking Popper Jr. - $25.99

The Moreau Baits Walking Popper Jr. is the little brother of the original Walking Popper. Slightly smaller in stature, it still lures big bass up to the surface. Featuring incredible detailing like all of Kevin Moreau's lure creations, it has a large concave mouth that allows it to spit and splash on the surface, and it can also walk-the-dog with ease. Incredibly versatile, it is a great choice for those days when the fish want a more subtle topwater presentation. Available in a range of colors, each Moreau Baits Walking Popper Jr is handcrafted by full-time, award-winning taxidermist, Kevin Moreau to deliver refined performance you just can't find with other topwater baits.

Moreau Baits Length Weight Class
Walking Popper Jr 2.5" 7/16oz Topwater

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Moreau Baits Walking Popper Jr.

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