Moto Weedless Scent Soaker Drop Shot Hook 4pk - $4.49

The Moto Weedless Wacky Drop Shot Hook features a 50lb mono weedguard hand tied onto a super sharp Gamakatsu Shiner Hook. The mono weedguard holds up much longer than traditional wire guards, which constantly bend out of shape, and it won't inhibit hooksets like a wire guard can. You can also easily split the mono guard and create a “V” if that is your preference. The Wacky Drop Shot Hook also features chenille wrapped around the shank for color and scent purposes. It provides a little extra color to match with your bait, and allows you to apply scent directly to the hook in addition to the bait. The Moto Weedless Wacky Drop Shot Hook - "the one you want, the one you need."

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Moto Weedless Scent Soaker Drop Shot Hook 4pk

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Comments: Todd made some of his first proto types of this hook for me. They are of exceptional quality and the shiner hook is unsurpassed when wacky style fishing a senko. We are lucky to have this source at Tackle Warehouse

From: Kelley: Ojai, CA

Comments: Todd has always tied the best jigs money could buy, his moto hooks rock!!!

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