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MotorGuide Bulldog Foot Control 40 - $399.99

The MotorGuide "Bulldog" Transom Mount Foot Control is a perfect choice for small boats. Featuring 40lbs. of thrust and a 30" stainless steel shaft, the Bulldog can be mounted on a bow or transom, and includes a modified rig for the bow.

- 40lbs. thrust
- 30" stainless steel shaft
- Rack and pinion steering
- 63" Cable


- The Machete III Prop runs quiet, and has a smaller diameter than two-blade designs for ultimate shallow water performance.

- Two-year Limited Warranty

- Quiet, smooth operation lets you get closer to the fish.

- Compact, lightweight lower unit.

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Please Note: This model is not available for order outside of the United States.

Comments: Best trolling motor ever I have it on my 10 ft jon boat but most people say the cables are to short well I have a 5 ft deck half the boat is a deck and the cables I just drilled a hole through the deck of to the side were my battery is and they r out of the way. Best trolling motor for small boats!!!!

From: Noah: Coral Springs, FL

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MotorGuide Bulldog Foot Control 40

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