The MotorGuide Digital Onboard Battery Chargers are built to deliver years of automatic charging and maintenance for all your on-board batteries. Designed for use with Lead Acid or GEL batteries, they charge and condition batteries with a built-in safe maintenance mode for long and short-term storage. Waterproof, shock-resistant and saltwater-tested as well, they are built to last and pre-wired for easy installation on your boat. MotorGuide's Auto Transfer Technology also maintains the engine crank battery, while transferring 100% of the available charging amps to your trolling batteries. Compact and extra durable, the MotorGuide Digital Onboard Battery Chargers deliver the time-tested performance anglers have come to expect from MotorGuide.

Just plug it in and forget about it.

Dimensions: 9" x 5.25" x 2"

-Automatic charging for Lead Acid or GEL Batteries
-Auto Transfer Technology
-Waterproof, shock resistant and saltwater tested
-Reverse polarity, ignition and temperature protection
-Power, charging and maintaining LED indicators
-Pre-wired for easy installation
-5-foot cables

MotorGuide Banks Amps Per Bank Amps
31710 2 5/5 10
31713 3 5/5/3 13


Please Note: This product is not available for order outside of the United States.

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