MotorGuide Safari Weedless Prop 3.5" Diameter

MotorGuide Safari Weedless Prop 3.5
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Designed to deliver exceptional weed-free performance, as well as, pure open-water power, the MotorGuide Safari 3.5" Weedless Prop fits all 3.5-inch diameter trolling motors - from 35 pounds-of-thrust models all the way up to the most powerful 36-volt motors found on today's high-performance bass boats. An efficient two-blade prop built on a tapered-hub design, the MotorGuide Safari Weedless Prop leaves no gap between the prop and housing. This design keeps weeds moving toward the business end of the lower unit where the blades provide a cutting function, while generating the thrust to throw them clear. 

"You know what I like about the new Safari prop? Everything. It's quiet. It's smooth. And best of all, the special new blade design won't let a single stalk of vegetation stick to it. Which means I spend more time fishing, and no time pulling my trolling motor out of the water to pull the weeds off of it." - Terry "Big Show" Scroggins, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.

*Fits all 3.5-inch diameter trolling motors
*Improves power, thrust and efficiency in a weedless design

*Runs virtually weed-free
*Incredibly durable in light-cover situations 

Please Note: This item is not available for order outside of the United States.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: After years of fishing with my original 3-blade prop, it was dinged enough to warrant trying a new one.  Figured I would try this Safari based on reviews.  WOW! IMPRESSED!  Now, I must admit that at the same time I switched props, I also added a "NINJA GRASS BLADE" to my trolling motor, and I have NEVER been SO HAPPY with any change to my boat or equipment as I was with this combo!!  Here in Florida, all I ever fish mostly is grass, lily's, and other vegetation.  For years, I just accepted certain limitations on where I could fish; how deep I could penetrate areas with heavy growth.  NOT ANY MORE!!  First time out, I learned I could go wherever I wanted to without hesitation.  No using big motor to escape.  No cleaning globs off the TM. No holding the TM just beneath the surface.  NOPE! Just fishing anywhere I wanted to go.  Love this Safari prop, and do yourself a favor, check out adding a Ninja Grass Blade as well!!

From: Steve: Orlando, FL 3/18/16

Comments: There's been a lot of mixed reviews here, so let me try to clear some things up from my experience. I got a new Motorguide that came with a Machete III prop- and it works HORRIBLE in weeds (As in completely unusable). So, despite the mixed reviews, I gave this prop a try because honestly it was my only other option. WOW am I impressed! I've used it for a month and I became completely sold on this prop yesterday. I was fishing some extremely thick mats of milfoil, pads and duckweed and needed to get about 20 yards back into this thick stuff. Absolutely NOT A PROBLEM! I did this probably 10 times and it was flawless. This is stuff so thick I could hardly ask this prop to work... And it did! Yes I needed to clear it off a couple times, but thats because it was so insanely thick. Any "less thick" of cover and I never have to clear it, maybe once every couple hours is all. In terms of prop noise, I have had ZERO issues. Yes, it makes more noise while chowing through thick slop then open water, but what do you expect?! I'm absolutely sold and this prop just saved my fishing. I'm catching tons of fish now that I couldn't ever get to before. Thank you MotorGuide, awesome product!

From: Tom: Ham Lake, MN 7/23/15

Comments: This prop eats lily pads like candy. Goes thru weeds way better than the standard prop. Didn't the high pitch noise that Dave described. Only heard noise when it was devouring very thick weeds.

From: Earl: Pittsburgh, PA 3/25/14

Comments: wow!!this prop is amazing,i fished all day on lake o.(perhaps the #1 grass lake in the country)and only had 2 clear the prop twice all is a little noisier than the machete and seems i may have lost a little bit of power but well worth the trade it now!!!

From: Brandon: Okeechobee, FL

Comments:My friend and I both bought one of these props and both make a high pitch noise!!! motor guide said some can make that noise. We have 82 pound thrust motors, motor guide offered no help. Beware!!!!

From:Dave: Three Rivers, MI

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