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Why it makes fish feed
*Formulated with Phero-Tech - today's most sophisticated pheromone technology
*Activate causes a sensory feeding response that attracts fish and stimulates feeding.
*Extremely easy to apply to baits, lures and chum.

-Aerosol Spray for easy application
-Includes glitter flecks for added attraction
-Re-Apply when flecks have washed off bait

This has replaced the original Mustad Ultra Bite.

Warning: This product can not be shipped by Air.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I sight fished for bedding smallmouth on Lake Michigan in June and the guide was using this on our baits. The last fish of the day was a brute, six pounder. In the clear water, these fish would see the bait coming for a long ways. They would move to it, but not always pick it up. This fish would look at the tube on every cast but wouldn't bite. Sprayed the tube with a fresh dose of Activate and next cast he inhaled it. One fish and only one example, but it was pretty convincing.

From: Scott: New Mexico, USA

Comments: I tried this stuff for quite a while and never saw any benefit from it.  It seems like it should work, it just doesn't.  And the cans leak and eventually start to drip out on to your gear.  I switched to BioEdge wands and started catching fish.  BioEdge is a much better product than Activate.  Make the switch and you will not regret it.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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