Mustad KVD 6.5" Aluminum Pliers w/ Holster - $34.99

Made from super strong airplane-grade aluminum, the Mustad KVD 6.5” Aluminum Pliers are not your average pair of pliers. The heavily anodized construction prevents corrosion and extends the life of your pliers. The Titanium-coated stainless steel jaws are extremely durable and are paired with replaceable tungsten-carbide cutters that cleanly slice through mono and fluorocarbon. The coiled tether with clasp and nylon belt holster keep your pliers handy at a moment’s notice and prevent them from going overboard.  Custom rubberized grips also make for a comfortable hold no matter how much pressure you’re applying, and a convenient holster allows you to always have them at your finger tips. A handy tool for a range of fishing and non-fishing applications, the Mustad KVD 6.5” Aluminum Pliers are a must-have for any angler.

Length: 6.5”

Comments: pretty nice plier for the most part. Light, durable, the cutter works wonders even on heavy braid. The pouch clips to pants or belt for easy access. Only down side I could find is on my pair the tip of the pliers didn't pinch tight together there was a tiny gap. This isn't crucial but would be nice when pulling off old line knots in lures

From: Ty: UT 3/27/14

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Mustad KVD 6.5

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