Mustad Power Lock Plus EWG Hook 5pk

Mustad Power Lock Plus EWG Hook 5pk

The Mustad Ultra Point represents the culmination of over a century of hook making experience by one of the world's oldest hook manufacturers. The Ultra Point incorporates the three-stage Opti-Angle sharpening technology which creates a true needle point that is stronger and resists bending better than conventional points while still providing a sticky-sharp hook. Mustad uses premium high-carbon steel that has been specially Nor-Tempered to increase strength as much as 30% over conventional tempering methods while still avoiding brittleness. The red finish resists corrosion and helps keep your hook needle sharp, fish after fish and that extra flash of red will often trigger a strike from aggressive bass.

The Power Lock Plus EWG is a great hook for weedlessly rigging soft plastics, like sinking stick baits, soft jerkbaits, and toads.

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Mustad Power Lock EWG Hook 5pk 2/0 $5.99 5+
Mustad Power Lock EWG Hook 5pk 3/0 $5.99 5+
Mustad Power Lock EWG Hook 5pk 4/0 $5.99 5+
Mustad Power Lock EWG Hook 5pk 5/0 $5.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: unless you like keeping a bottle of superglue handy, the bait keepers don't work very well at all. if the keeper pulls out of your soft plastic even once, the plastic is basically unusable. I shouldn't need any super glue for a bait keeper to do it's job; without superglue the bait keeper is useless

From: Matt: Chicopee, MA 2/17/16

Comments: These are my favorite hooks for tubes and short,soft creatures.The bait slides straight down off the keeper and hangs on the hook rather than tearing up the top of the bait.I choose the size of hook according to the length of bait.                         

From: Brad: Bastrop,Louisiana U.S.

Comments: One of my favorite hooks. Probably not the best for gin clear water because the are stainless Steel.  One of the best things about these hooks is the fact that I rarely deep hook bass on these.  Something that happens to me quite often with other hooks.   Just put a dab of super glue on the pin to help keep your soft plastic secure.  The pin works ok by itself but the superglue keeps it in place in the thickest stuff

From: Patrick: Inwood, WV

Comments: got some of the 4/0 I like them they do pretty good to be honest they are probably my favorite hook for soft swimbaits like cane thumpers and skinny dippers but they do tear easily it seems like because of the pin instead of the spring......One thing though to be careful about is that when you are rigging a swimbait be careful not press too hard because the little hook that attaches the pin to the eye of the hook can shoot into your thumb and get stuck.....not fun at all lol

From: Billy

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