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The Mustad Ultra Point represents the culmination of over a century of hook making experience by one of the world's oldest hook manufacturers. The Ultra Point incorporates the three-stage Opti-Angle sharpening technology which creates a true needle point that is stronger and resists bending better than conventional points while still providing a sticky-sharp hook. Mustad uses premium high-carbon steel that has been specially Nor-Tempered to increase strength as much as 30% over conventional tempering methods while still avoiding brittleness. The black nickel finish resists corrosion and helps keep your hook needle sharp, fish after fish.

Comments: My first experience wih these hooks came when I purchased a bunch of Super Spooks.  These are super sharp hooks and have 3 seasons on them now and I never had to sharpen or change them out.  I wait for the fish to load up and simply do a sideway sweeping hookset and they pretty much stay pinned.  By the way, I crimp the barbs down and have yet to loose a fish.

From: MaxZmus: San Diego, CA

Comments:  i bought a set for use as stinger hooks for some paddle tail swimbaits.  these hooks are strong and sharp.  the odd-shaped bend is ala kvd mustads, but they also keep the fish hooked on.  it's not to say you'll never lose a fish, but it'll be a bit more difficult for bass to shake off.  also, the hooks are very sharp -- even after pulling off rocks.  i would recommend these for anyone looking for good stinger hooks.  i bought the size #2.

From: Willyredeemd: Stone Mountain, GA

Comments: To be honest I can't say I like these hooks. I bought a mess of One Knocker Spooks and couldnt get a fish hooked! Go with mustad's round bends. These hooks will keep the fish on, but its hard to get them ON!

From: Clay: Lake Texoma

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