The Mustad Ultra Point represents the culmination of over a century of hook making experience by one of the world's oldest hook manufacturers. The Ultra Point incorporates the three-stage Opti-Angle sharpening technology which creates a true needle point that is stronger and resists bending better than conventional points while still providing a sticky-sharp hook. Mustad uses premium high-carbon steel that has been specially Nor-Tempered to increase strength as much as 30% over conventional tempering methods while still avoiding brittleness. The black nickel finish resists corrosion and helps keep your hook needle sharp, fish after fish.

The Mustad Denny Brauer Flippin' Hook design incorporates Pro Style features that significantly improve hook performance and reliability. Two barbs line the shank of the hook to help secure and prevent soft plastic baits from slipping down the shaft. The Denny Brauer Flippin' Hook is chemically sharpened and tempered for brute strength to haul fish out of heavy cover.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great hook can not say it enough any thing with denny brauer on it it is great

From: Charlie

Comments: Pro's: The hook is super strong yet relatively light wire. I have had no problem pulling big bass from thick grass.
Con's: The bait doesnt stay on the hook well and I find myself spending alot of time resetting the bait and wasting time. You could peg the bait with a tooth pick but that interferes with the advantages of a snell knot. Its gonna be fisherman prefernece but I have chosen to move to a different brand of Flippin hook.

From: Darren: Oneida, NY

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