Naked Bait Collars - $2.49 to $3.49

The Naked Bait Collars are perfect for building your own skirts, replacing old collars on existing skirts, adding rattle vibration, or to secure a trailer hook. To make this job simple, be sure to pick up a Naked Bait Skirt Expander. Also, check the selection of skirting material from Naked Bait Co.

 Type Quantity
Skirt 50 
Rattle 20 

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Naked Bait Jig/Spinnerbait Skirt Expander

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Naked Bait Collars

4 Available Colors Sign up for Naked Bait Lure Customization news and updates.

  • Assorted
    Stock Price Qty
    10+ $2.49
  • Black
    Stock Price Qty
    4 $2.49
  • Black Rattle
    Stock Price Qty
    10+ $3.49
  • White
    Stock Price Qty
    10+ $2.49

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