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The Naked Bait Skirt Expander is a compact and unique contraption that eases skirt making by utilizing a 3 wire system. The Naked Bait Skirt Expander stretches out a rubber skirting collar, allowing skirting material to pass easily through. The lightweight construction allows free-handed skirt customization, or can be mounted to any hard surface. With the Naked Bait Skirt Expander, your jig, spinnerbait, and buzzbait combinations are endless.

With the Naked Bait Skirt Expander, skirt making is simple. First, place a collar on closed expander wires. Second, shift expander wires into open position and pull skirting material half way through the stretched collar. Third, close the wires so the skirting material is secure. Finally, cut tag ends off skirting material to desired length.

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Naked Bait Skirt Collars

Customer Reviews

Comments: One of the best tool I have in my tackle box and boat. When I find fish and find out there trigger colors for that day I can build a skirt that match those colors quick and get back on the fish. I have won many tournament by building skirts on the spot with is amazing tool

From: Adam: Fayetteville, AR 4/15/14

Comments: This is the best skirt making tool on the market!

From: Mark: NC

Comments: This thing is the best thing to use if your making skirts for jigs, buzz baits, spinner baits.the kit is amazing and the bio on the man who stared the company is very interesting. and what cant be better than something made in the USA?

From: JP: St. Louis, MO

Comments: this thing works great!

From: Phil: Douglasville, GA

Comments: This is an awesome tool! Skirt making is super easy and takes literally seconds with the skirt expander, props to the company for making such a bullet proof and efficient device! Get one you wont be dissapointed and you will save a ton of time in the process, you can add custom skirts to you baits to get the edge over the compeition- and its fun!.

From: Colby: OR

Comments:This neat little gadget is awesome! Simple to use and I can even replace the old skirt collars so I am not throwing good jig skirts away! It's so fun, my 17 yr old daughter wants to make them all the time. I told her..."go get your own!" Catching bass is great! But catching a big bass on something (((((you made))))) 100% more exciting!!!

From:Kerry: Memphis, MO

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