NetBait C-Mac

NetBait C-Mac

The Netbait C-Mac is an ideal worm when a larger presentation is needed. The C-Mac is dynamite when Texas or Carolina Rigged. Large ribbon tailed plastics have always been a favorite for catching big lethargic summertime bass and the Netbait C-Mac is a great choice to entice bites from these big fish. Like all Netbait products, this bait is super soft, heavy salted, scented and made with pork fat.

Length Quantity
7" 18
11" 9
15" 8

11 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Caught Many big bass on this lure. I throw the black grape all year long. Love the action.

From: Tom: Austin, TX

Comments: i have not had no luck on these worms but they look great

From: Ryan: Chillicothe, OH

Comments: HUGE BASS HIT THIS WORM!! i love the action of this worm on the fall.. great worm and its pretty durable, green pumkin is a must have color

Comments:  Caught huge bass all summer with the 11" C-Mac. I was new to the giant worm craze and was going to buy some berkely 10'' powerworms, then I realized you get more of these per pack, they're 1 inch longer, and 10 or 20 cents cheaper! Great Carolina Rig worm, slow falling action, watermelon & plum rock! I have a new favorite soft plastics brand

From: Frank: Central Arkansas, USA

Comments: I have been catching big bass on this worm. Is anyone else fishing this bait? Fish hit it hard and head on. You will need a 7/0 owner offset worm hook! Plum is working for me.

From: Dennis: Gallatin, TN

Comments: My favorite big worm. The C-Mac is amazing and the guys at Netbait have it priced very competitively. Compare the amount of worms you get for the price and there is none better!

From: Josh: Nashville, TN

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