Netbait BK Swimbait 5pk

Netbait BK Swimbait 5pk

Netbait has broken into the swimbait market with the BK Swimbait. This bait is fashioned after the ever popular tube style swimbaits that have become the hot, have to have bait. The BK swimbait features a belly slit that enables you to fish up to a 4/0 weighted hook. The solid head section of the BK swimbait will hold up to the vicious strikes these swimbaits will draw while the mid back through the tail are hollow allowing for easy hook penetration and excellent swimming action.

Length Quantity
4" 5
5" 5

13 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Just started experimenting with swimbaits and I purchased these and a few strike king swimbaits. The netbaits are far better for hook sets and durability. I will definitely be buying more.

From: Tony: Manitowoc, WI 5/24/15

Comments: This swimbait with out a doubt is very durable, and when thrown on heavy jigs has a nice action. But i was a little unhappy with the action on lighter alabama rigs and single swimbait set ups. I would much rather fish a skinny dipper or zoom paddle tail fluke. That being said, it is still a good durable bait for the money. 

From: Parker: Fort Wayne, IN 1/12/15

Comments: Best swimbait in its class. Best action, very durable and the fish crush these things. You won't be disappointed.

From: Cory: Mandan, ND

Comments: Best Swimmer for your $$$$

From: Rusty: TX, where else?

Comments: Great swimbait the tail is constantly wobbling so that means you don't have to jerk it to get it to wobble again and plus the durability is GREAT I use it as a trailer for a swimjig it is the perfect size to go on the back!!

Comments: Can you say Alabama Rig?

From: Matt: Chapel Hill, TN

Comments: My favorite swimbait. I've tried the SK and Yum versions and they don't even come close to this one. The large tail creates a big wobble throughout the whole bait. I usually can catch about 5-6 fish on one bait before it tears using a springlock hook

From: Henry: Chicago, IL

Comments: this is the best swimbait on the market, i have caught 10 fish on one bait before

From: Derek: Waco, TX

Comments: Best swimbait on the market, whether slow rolled or fast retrieve. They also work well when used as a jerk bait. I use a 5/0 weighted hook for best results on the 4" size. The tail is much larger than any other swimbait on the market, capped with the slim body design, with the slit in the belly makes for an awesome bait. Try them, you will not be disappointed, they will catch fish, & lots of them on a single bait. Have caught smallies, large mouth, northern pike, & even pickerel, on a single bait.

From: Dennis: Canada

Comments:I have used many of the swimbaits on the market. I have had trouble with all most every brand that I have tried. They want to spin around and around. This bait is the only one that I have found that will not spin. I used the 5 inch size and the silver shad color and they work absolutely perfect. They don't spin no matter how fast you reel. Their tails are wider and the body is slimmer that other swimbaits and this is the reason they work so good. By the way, they will catch fish. I like to slow crank them allowing them to touch the bottom every now and then. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

From:William: Hohenwald, TN

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