Netbait Big Bopper Worm 15pk

Netbait Big Bopper Worm 15pk

Versatile and effective, the Netbait Big Bopper Worm has what it takes to put fish in the boat when others worms fall short. Built with a long, slender profile and fitted with a sharp, U-shape tail, the Netbait Big Bopper Worm delivers a strong vibration that works well on Carolina-rigs, Texas-rigs, or weightless.

Infused with a combination of pork fat, salt, and scent, the Netbait Big Bopper Worm offers a smell and a taste that will have big bass begging for a bite. Offered in a number of appetizing colors, the Netbait Big Bopper Worm is a shoe-in to become your new secret weapon.

Length Quantity
5.75" 15

11 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I like using this type of worm & have really tried to like this particular one. It will catch fish no doubt & is more durable than some. However it has a heavy rubbery feeling & isn't as supple as other worms. Most paddle-tail senko-profile worms you can stretch & roll a bit & they will soften up. Not this one - it stays tight & rubbery & lacks great action. I will use the black neon ones that I have for low light, but the other colors I bought I don't see me using very often. Too many others plastics I like better It has the same texture as their Kickin B - another one that I have packs of that won't ever get fished, until I give them away

From: Mark: Gardner, KS 6/28/16

Comments: This worm in junebug is great on alabama rivers. I caught a 2 1/2 lb spotted bass on this worm today. 2 days before I had a huge bass hit the same worm, but due to the fact that I had a weak spot in my line, it snapped. :( I just tell my self that it was a largemouth to cheer myself up but oh well it could have been a state record spot. Oh well there's always next time

From: Giggidy: AL 9/4/14

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