Delivering a unique action and profile all its own, the Netbait Dirt Dawg features a special head design with mini pincers and two extra long tails extending from the end of the bait. Designed to be used as a spinnerbait, chatterbait or jig trailer, the tails of the Dirt Dawg expand and contract as you pulse it along the bottom or twitch it through the water. Available in several proven colors, the Netbait Dirt Dawg is also loaded with salt, scent, and pork fat to make fish bite and hang on. 

Check out what Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Greg Vinson, had to say about the Netbait Dirty Dawg and other new offerings from Netbait at the 2010 ICAST Show in Las Vegas by clicking the "ICAST 2010 Video" icon below the image.

Length Quantity
6" 15

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These thinks are awesome they make custom jig heads for them i caught couple of fish on this bait using the jig head and you just cant beat them they need to make a small type

From: John Boy: North Alabama

Comments: Not sure who designed this bait, but while I like the legs the body and claws lack presence.  I hate it as a "craw" however, I do love this bait as a spinner bait trailer.  Those little legs kick like mad and the thin profile is awesome !!!  Plus the length is great to give more substance to your spinners...but thats just my opinion, what do I know ??

From: Pete: Cleveland, OH

Comments:  I absolutely love these things!!!! Through theses on a dirty jig and hold on! THe legs on these baits push the skirt back on the jig which exposes the little craw and fish can't stand it! You need to buy these!!!!

From: Lucas: Glasgow, KY

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