Up-and-coming professional bass angler, Jim Hardy, worked closely with Netbait to design the Netbait Hardytack Craw - and it has been a hit across the country. He wanted to create a bait that would look, act and move just like a real crawfish. It can be rigged on any style jig head from 1/4 to 3/4 oz, and there is a bubble about three ribs down from the tails, that lets you know exactly where to thread the hook into the bait. By hooking the bait at that spot, it kicks the tails under - providing its killer swimming action - like that of a real crawfish.

The best way to rig it is on a full jig with a skirt and watch it bring the jig to life. Other jig trailers provide some action, but the Hardytack Craw with its big claws, ribbed profile, and legs tucked under as it scoots along the bottom, creates a disturbance and action just like a live crawfish would. Extremely versatile, you can also strategically pull appendages off and use it as a punch bait, as a swim jig trailer, or even as a chatterbait trailer.

Available in a variety of colors to best suit your local fishing conditions, Jim Hardy tank-demoed the Netbait HardyTack Craw at the 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta, and it was so well received, he could barely keep them on the shelves.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Put these on a Swinging Football head and catch Bass. Simple as that. Very versatile bait too.

From: Rusty: Texas, where else?

Comments: I bet the fish in the lake or lakes you fish have never seen anything like this.  Give the fish something they haven't seen and it's going to get demolished.

From: Joe: MN

Comments: Rigged doubled over just like in the video is unlike anything out there. Pair it with megastrikes evo2 jig and you have the best combo there is!!!

From: Jeff: Rensselaer, IN

Comments: used the magic craw color the other evening to catch a 5 1/2 pounder i just texas rigged it with a1/4 oz tungsten weight and a 2/0 ewg it has a great action when draged or hopped across the bottom

From: Jim: NC

Comments: I really like this bait I have caught just one but will caught more when I free time away from work and school but the combo I use is 5/8oz -1/2oz chomper football jig (brown ) and the hardytack craw in (okeechobee craw ) . I rigged it just how Greg vison rigged it in the video. Tip dragging it on the bottom some hops or just letting it sit  the claws will float up the bass go crazy .

From: Erik: IL

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