The Netbait Paca Jig was originally designed by William Davis to be fished in dense heavy cover, and also match up perfectly with the colors and size of the Netbait Paca Chunk. The Paca Jig’s sleek and balanced cone head penetrates through heavy cover with ease, and its chip resistant paint finish will last through numerous collisions with rocks and docks. The lifelike silicone skirt pulsates through the water and a Mustad Ultrad Point Hook ensures rock solid hook sets every time. The next time you find yourself in need of a heavy cover jig, do yourself a favor and pick up a few Netbait Paca Jigs. You won't be disappointed.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought two of these. They caught several fish, then the weedgaurd broke off on both of them. If it wasn't for that, I'd buy a dozen of them.

From: Keeton: Poteau, OK 4/3/16

Comments: Great jigs. I work them through every kind of cover. Match them with the paca chunk and you will catch fish. This jig is always tied on.

From: Matt: Syracuse, NY 8/22/14

Comments: One of the best jig designs on the market. Around here we have a lot of "snot" weeds that just get caught on ANY jig/rig no matter how weedless. These are the best and coming thru everything. One of the best. I think for true heavy cover flipping a big flaw in many of today's jigs on the market is the horizontal line-tie...thats the reason a lot aren't too-great in weedbeds/mats/grass/etc. This has a nice small, pointed compact head but plenty stable to stand up. The recessed-vertical linetie rly helps. It has a nice long sturdy hook which I like. And I love the single free-swinging rattle which is easily removable. It's also a great jig to flip into some cover, then swim back to the boat and it often gets bit. It works as a good swim-jig as well. If I'm not sure whether to tie on a swim jig or don't want to commit fully to tying up 1 rod set up w/ a swim jig, I will pitch, hop, then swim this jig with great results. It is just a versatile jig, well-made. Fair price. I suggest these jigs.

From: Tanner: Southeast, MA

Comments: This is a great jig. I fished a honey hole of a pond this morning and caught at least twenty fish on it, the biggest being about 7 pounds. I dont have a complaint one about it.

From: Calvin: Houston, TX

Comments: just got this jig in black and blue and caught 8 bass in a local pond with it and none under 1 pound.great with the baby paca craw trailor.

Comments:  I used this jig for fishing rip rap. For whatever reason I can get it out of the cracks and after trimming the guard I get good hookups.  The skirts aren't too thick or too thin, but it could still use a little trimming if you have a special trailer that needs a little room to move. One of my five types of skirted jigs I regularly use.

From: Miles: OKC, OK

Comments: I like this jig, great for bed fishing.. It comes through cover and has a very, very sharp hook. The skirt has very fine strands and the weed guard needs to be trimmed to owner specs. This is a great lure and hold the trailer * I use zoom* really good. the key though is trimming the weed guard.

From: loomis: Jax, FL

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